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January 25, 2024

To all Keio students,

Precautions for Spring Break

We anticipate that Keio students have a range of activities planned for the upcoming spring break. However, it is precisely at this time of year, when students feel freer and more relaxed, that they are prone to let their guard down, which may inadvertently lead to accidents or cause trouble. We strongly encourage all Keio students to heed the following precautions to ensure their break is both safe and fulfilling.

■ Extracurricular activities
Recently, there have been several cases of students conducting extracurricular activities without submitting an official "Notification of Off-campus Student Activities" form. If we do not receive this form, we will not be able to accept insurance claims for injuries resulting from accidents which occur during said extracurricular activities. Furthermore, in worst-case scenarios such as natural disasters like the Noto Peninsula Earthquake that occurred at the beginning of the year, we will not be able to expeditiously confirm the safety and well-being of our students. For these reasons, please be sure to submit the "Notification of Off-campus Student Activities" form BEFORE conducting extracurricular activities off-campus as a student club. This form can be submitted through the "Online System for Student Club Activities."
For more information, go to the Online System for Student Club Activities (https://studentlife.gakuji.keio.ac.jp/), and select "Notification of Off-campus Student Activities" for the procedures to submit the form.

If an accident occurs during extracurricular activities, please promptly report the incident to the club chairperson and follow their instructions. Please also ensure that you contact the Student Life Services Section at your club's main campus. If you cannot reach Student Life Services, please contact the nearest Keio University Security Office.
If an accident occurs, please follow the steps outlined in the PDF "Student Clubs: Response and Contact Information in the Event an Accident Occurs" via the linked website below. Ensure that people in the organization always have access to this PDF through their smartphones or other mobile devices in case of emergencies.
• Student Clubs: Response and Contact Information in the Event an Accident Occurs

■ Harmful sexual misconduct
Keio University strongly condemns any incidents of sexual assault, sexual harassment, lewd behavior, taking nonconsensual intimate photos or videos, molestation, stalking, and other forms of harmful sexual misconduct. Not only will these acts be subject to criminal charges and civil liability, but they also represent an affront to the dignity of both the perpetrators and victims, who are left with serious psychological trauma.

Such acts will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
You can watch a video series on preventing sexual crimes (created by the Student Affairs Center) via Box through the following link. We urge all Keio students to watch these videos to grasp the gravity of this issue.
   https://keio.box.com/s/zrtswmypmym2ocsvsnxopusa18v5rdlg *keio.jp authentication required
As of July 13, the penal code was revised so as to make significant changes for crimes pertaining to sexual misconduct.

We have prepared the "yorisoi2022_English ver.pdf" leaflet which introduces the various consultation services available to anyone who has become a victim of sexual assault or other forms of sexual misconduct. We urge you not to deal with this type of situation alone and to make use of the services listed, which include 24-hour-hotlines and multilingual support.

■ Prohibition on unsafe alcohol consumption
It is prohibited for anyone to coerce others to drink, or for those under the age of 20 to consume alcohol. Recently, there has been an increase in the number of cases around Hiyoshi Station in which Keio students are taken to the hospital due to binge drinking. No matter where you are--whether you are outside, in a restaurant, or at home--do not drink to excess. Be mindful that, depending on how it is consumed, alcohol can be life-threatening and carry long-term physical and social consequences.
• Keio University Student Website: Precautions related to alcohol consumption

■ Prohibition of drug abuse
The use or possession of dangerous drugs (law-evading drugs, legal hallucinatory herbs, etc.), stimulants, marijuana, and other illegal drugs, is a criminal offense that carries severe penalties. Excuses such as "I only did it casually," "I thought I could quit right away," or "It's legal at my overseas destination" will not be accepted. Stay away from drugs that endanger your mind and body. In addition, there have been cases at airports in which people traveling overseas were charged with smuggling drugs due to unknowingly accepting a stranger's luggage containing illegal substances. Being a drug courier is a serious offense. Recognize that you may run the risk of unknowingly committing a crime and exercise constant vigilance to avoid such situations.
・Substance abuse
・Carrying illicit drugs

■ Prohibition on illegal acts and acts that violate public order or morals
Students are prohibited from engaging in illegal activities including harmful sexual misconduct, coercing others to drink, using drugs, violence, fraudulent business practices, or any other activities that run counter to public order or morals. Do NOT neglect the serious social consequences that thoughtless remarks or careless actions carry. The life, well-being, property, and dignity of others are respected at Keio University and the community of peers which it encompasses. Once more, we urge all students to be mindful of their own words and actions.
• Announcement of the establishment of the Keio University Charter for the Promotion of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (Japanese language)
• Keio University Office for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: Charter for the Promotion of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

■ Behavior in public and comments on social media platforms
Students must take personal responsibility for their words and actions. Avoid engaging in self-centered behavior that can become a public nuisance. Likewise, avoid making inconsiderate comments on social media or spreading information from unverified or discreditable sources. Keio has particularly observed ongoing disruptive behavior by students around Hiyoshi Station which has caused trouble for nearby residents. Consider how your words and actions affect those around you and understand that you must serve as "a source of honorable character and a paragon of intellect and morals."

■ Exercising caution while traveling abroad
When making and carrying out travel plans, please refer to the Overseas Travel Safety Information Homepage of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the link below and try to gather the most up-to-date information regarding your intended destination. Also refer to the "Information for Keio Students Regarding Travel for Study Abroad" section of the Keio University Student Website when deciding where to go. We ask that students refrain from traveling to areas in the midst of armed conflict or political unrest, regions experiencing a spread of infectious diseases, including COVID-19 infections, or any area with a travel advisory.
・Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Overseas Travel Safety Information Homepage
・Information for Keio Students Regarding Travel for Study Abroad

Bear in mind that even if there is no travel advisory issued, it does not necessarily mean that it is safe to travel there. Maintaining constant awareness of your surroundings is crucial to avoid being the target of theft, assault, and sexual crime. Please refrain from engaging in activities with inherent risks, such as camping out in the wild, or exploring while alone after dark or in unsafe areas. It is not uncommon for people to become victims of crime in shared buses, cabs, and other vehicles, as well as in places where they stay overnight, so please use your best judgment. We strongly recommend that you purchase travel insurance when traveling abroad to cover your bases. Before traveling, please be sure to inform your family and other people close to you of the following information: contact information at your destination (cell phone, layover locations, travel agencies), itinerary, lodging, and flight information. In addition, we recommend that you register with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' overseas travel registration system, Tabi Regi (たびレジ), linked below.
• Tabi Regi, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' overseas travel registration system

■ Preventing accidents on mountains, in the water, and in traffic
Mountain-, water-, and traffic-related accidents become more frequent during long breaks. Give utmost attention to avoid causing or becoming involved in such accidents.

■ Exercising caution when doing winter sports
With winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding, many accidents occur when skiers and snowboarders run off course. These off-course areas are not maintained, increasing the risk of running into rocks and trees, falling, avalanches, or becoming lost. We strongly urge students to avoid such reckless behavior. This sort of behavior not only endangers you, but also puts those in charge of search and rescue at risk. In addition, people often fall by themselves or collide with others. Be sure to wear a helmet and other protective gear correctly to prevent injuries, obey the slope rules, and stay aware of your surroundings. Exercise caution to avoid serious accidents.

Finally, since May 8, 2023, Keio has ended university-wide infection prevention measures specific to COVID-19. However, this does not mean that the risk of infection has disappeared. In the unfortunate event that you contract an infectious disease, please report it according to the instructions on the following page.
Notification when contracting an infectious disease which should be prevented in schools

As in the past, it is paramount that every Keio student conduct themselves in a model fashion, maintain self-discipline, and pay attention to their surroundings.
We hope all students have a safe and productive spring break.

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